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At PeoplePerHour our Buyers and Freelancers are authentic. We urge our users to use their real profile picture, their real information and above all be true to themselves when they create a project or an Offer. 

Users that breach our Terms and Conditions by creating fake accounts or adding false Payment Information. Below you will find step by step screen shots on how to create a PPH Account. We have a new way for our Users to join our site which is more user-friendly and will help better filter work between buyers and Freelancers.

  • I am a Freelancer

As a new User, you can sign in by using either Facebook or LinkedIn. If you do not wish to do so then you can proceed and create another account. Before proceeding you will have to Verify your Account. 



  • Fill out your information 

As a Freelancer, you will need to create a Freelancer Application in order for you to be able and sell your services. Once the information is fulfilled you will be able to proceed to the next step. Your Application can get until 2 working days for it to be reviewed from our Moderation Team. Once your Freelancer Application is approved then you are ready to go! 


  • The application under review.


  • Freelancer Dashboard

In order to climb the ranks, you can proceed and Feature your profile, Post an Offer, Send Proposals by using your 15 Free Bids we offer you, Get Endorsed by asking to and Share your profile on social media! 


You are now ready to be a Freelancer under PPH! Welcome!

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