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The PPH Cover Image Guide!


Hello everyone,

We recently introduced cover images on the new profile pages. A cover is a large horizontal image that appears stripped across the top of each user’s profile page. You can add a cover from your Edit Profile Page (using the top menu).

Even if you have already uploaded one, it is advised you read the following guide on why and how to upload an appropriate cover.

Why upload a cover?

A cover is the first thing other users see when they visit your profile so it is a unique opportunity to really impress them. If you don’t have a cover image, not only you miss out on the chance to engage your audience, but also your profile page will look rather empty.

What makes a cover great?

A cover can be a professional photo or a quality graphical image.

  • Make sure your cover shows off your professional activity and style.
  • Avoid excessive amount of text keeping it to the length of a tagline or just include your first name.
  • You can include visual representation of your work or part of your actual portfolio if visual.
  • Don’t include your full name or contact details. Revealing this information is against PPH rules and can lead to the suspension of your account.

Cover vs Profile images

Your profile image is small and shown just below the cover. As a profile image include a photo of yourself. You can choose to have your company logo instead however we strongly recommend a photo which gives a more personal touch to your profile page. Your profile image is shown in listings and WorkStreams you have with other users.

The cover image is large, it can be a graphical image or photo and is meant to make a visual statement about you so that viewers of your profile can easily grasp who you are and what you do.

What is the size of a cover?

Recommended dimensions are 1170 x 330 pixels but you can upload any image within the minimum and maximum dimensions allowed and use the crop tool to customize it.

How to crop a cover image?

Just after you upload a cover image you can use the crop tool to adjust the visible part of your cover. Just drag or resize the selection area inside the image.

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