Referral Program

We wanted to let you know about some changes to the terms of our Referral Program effective immediately. You can check out a summary below or read the details on PPH Terms.

We believe that these updates will increase your earnings from referrals but will also help to keep it fair. At this point, we’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for referring users to PPH. We hope you continue to do so and help our community grow.

Key updates to the Referral Program Terms:

  • The referral reward per referred user increases from to £30 / €32 / $35, according to the currency of your profile.
  • The referral reward is given based on the activity of the referred user within 2 years from their registration. With the old terms, it was given only if the referred user completed a purchase within 2 months from their registration.
  • The referral reward is now given based on the payment of invoices (billing) by the referred user instead of purchases (deposits).
  • There is a minimum billing spend by the referred user of £50 (or €70 or USD $75) excluding payments to you (the user that did the referral invitation) as well as users also referred by you.
  • In case PPH detects fraudulent activity regarding the Referral Program, you will not receive the referral reward and your account will be permanently closed.


Possible FAQs

Where is my reward?

  • As long as all the conditions are met (see above), the reward will be put into their wallet.
  • This wont be instant but will happen once a month.


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