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Referral Reward

Our users have now the option to Refer a Friend! 

  • Referred Users will receive a coupon of £30 (or €32 or $35). This coupon will be redeemable upon checkout for purchases of at least £50 or their currency equivalent. 



Subject to the eligibility conditions: 

To be eligible for the Referral Reward:

  • you must have an active User account on PPH;

  • you may not refer yourself for the Referral Program;

  • the Referred User should not already have a User account (active or inactive) on PPH;

  • the Referred User should sign up for a User account using the activation link of the Referral Invitation;

  • the Referred User should have received and paid invoices within 730 days from registration of at least £50 (or €70 or $75). Payments from the Referred User towards the User account as well as from the Referred User towards other User accounts that got referred by the User account are excluded from this billing calculation.

Each User can receive a monthly maximum of £150|€160|USD $175 in referral rewards.

An amount of £30 (or €32 or USD $35) will be credited to their PPH account. Said amount can only be used as a form of credit for purchases on PPH. available upon checkout to users invited to PPH via our referral programme.


Users may receive funds deposited directly in their PPH Account as part of a promotion or as a Referral Reward (see Section 9); or alternatively, receive a promotional code for a fixed or percentage discount on services purchased on PPH (“Vouchers”).

These Vouchers:

  • will be for the exclusive use of purchasing services on PPH, their monetary value will not be available for withdrawal from PPH.

  • where the voucher is a direct deposit of funds in the user's PPH Account, the currency of the voucher will be the one that corresponds to the highest balance in the User's PPH Account in case there is one that is higher than the other two or GBP (£) in any other case.

  • where the voucher is in the form of a promotional code, the code can only be used once even if the voucher is used in a transaction for less than the monetary value of the voucher.



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