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Membership on PeoplePerHour is completely free! We want to make using PeoplePerHour as transparent as possible. Here is a summary of the fees you may encounter using our platform. 

We have two types of fees: Buyers fees and Freelancer Fees. 

A. As a Buyer

PPH doesn't charge Buyers any fee for using the marketplace to find and use freelancing talent, however, there are a few types of fees you may encounter:

Service fee

Buyer Service Fees are broken down as follows:


*Available to Premium Programme members only as of the 3rd of April, 2019.

There is an optional listing fee of £ 10 (or € 14 or USD $ 15) where a Buyer may choose to mark a project listing as ‘urgent' with a prominent symbol that will make it stand out.

Important details

  • If you've used a Paysafecard to complete a PPH transaction, we cannot refund this amount. However, if you have an unused balance on your Paysafecard, you might be able to cash it in. To do this, you need to contact Paysafecard directly.

  • Furthermore, funds from Trustpay cannot be refunded either.


There is an optional fee of £ 26 (or € 29 or $ 34), for non-disclosure agreements (NDA) between Freelancers and Buyers.

Featured Project Fee

Posting a project on PPH is completely free, however, if you decide to feature your project, you will pay a £ £50 (or €55 or $60) fee.

Urgent Fee

If you choose to mark a project listing as ‘urgent', you will be charged a £ 10 (or € 14 or USD $ 15) fee.

Find out more about these fees in our Terms & Conditions.

B. As a Freelancer

It is completely free to register, promote your services and search for work on PPH. You only pay a Service Fee when successful earning through PeoplePerHour (i.e. when your invoices are paid by your Buyers).

Lifetime billing per Buyer  

Service Fee

Over £5000 | $7000 | €6000  

3.5% (excl. VAT)

Between £500 | $700 | €600 and £5000 | $7000 | €6000      

7.5% (excl. VAT)

Below £500 | $700 | €600  

20% (excl. VAT)


Important to know : 

  1. Payment processing fees incurred when your earnings are withdrawn to your bank or PayPal account ("Withdrawal fees") may be passed on to you, depending on the withdrawal method you use.

  2. Optional fees will apply if you decide to purchase any of the extra features that are available to help you win more work:

  • Extra proposal credits (on top of the free allocation of 15 proposal credits that you automatically receive each month)

  • Featured proposals

  • Featured Offers

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