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Selecting a Freelancer

At Peopleperhour we want to make sure you work with the best Freelancers and be satisfied with the requested project.

But how can you find the freelancer that best fits your requirements?

  • Evaluating a Proposal

There is no perfect Proposal. However, we recommend you look for the following things when evaluating a Proposal:

  1. Is there enough detail in the Proposal? Always question things that look vague to make sure you fully understand what they are offering.
  2. Are the deliverables itemized and broken down into well-defined targets or milestones? 
  3. Have they indicated or committed to any timescales?  Do the timescales seem realistic?
  • Evaluating a Freelancer
  1. Take a look at their profile to see what jobs they have completed on PPH, and the feedback reviews they received.
  2. Check out their portfolio, under their profile page, to see examples of their work.  If there aren't enough examples in there then ask them to add more (or send you more examples as attachments in the WorkStream) if relevant, check they have the right training or credentials that you need.
  3. If you are hiring for a creative service then check that they understand the style that you are after, and ideally can share examples in their portfolio where they have done something similar before.  When it comes to taste, it's important to make sure that they are on the same page as you.

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