Can I purchase multiple quantities of an Hourlie?

Yes!  You can streamline your workflow by buying multiple copies of an Hourlie at the same time.

  • Place up to 5 orders for the same Hourlie in the same purchase
  • Organise all work from the same Hourlie on a single WorkStream
  • Extend delivery time proportionally for the number of Hourlies bought

To buy multiple copies of an Hourlie:


1. Go to the Hourlie page you want to buy and click Get it Now!



2. Select the quantity needed from the drop-down menu (1-5). The total price will automatically be recalculated as a multiple of the number you choose to buy.

3. Proceed with payment as usual and all multiple Hourlies bought together will open in a single WorkStream.

The Seller's delivery time will be extended by one day for each additional Hourlie purchased to give them more time to complete the purchase. 





Note:  you can only buy 1 Hourlie using a Promo Code. If you have a Promo Code, click the link below the quantity menu and a text box will appear. Enter your code and click the orange button to verify the code. The quantity will automatically be set to 1.


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