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How do I contact a Freelancer?


Go to the Freelancers listings page using the "FIND FREELANCERS" option under the "BUY" menu. Browse or search and click through to see the profile of a Freelancer. 

If you want to contact a Freelancer about a new Job you can easily do this via the "CONTACT" button on the profile page of the Freelancer.


You are redirected to the contact page where you specify the title of the Job and a small description. It is recommended to turn the contact into a public Job posting at the same time so that you get more quotes. Click "SEND" and a new WorkStream between you and the Freelancer is created. 


If you want to invite a Freelancer to send you a proposal for an existing Job, you can easily do this by selecting the relevant Job in the dropdown of the contact page.



If you need any clarification about an Hourlie that the Freelancer has posted, simply click the "CONTACT" button from the relevant Hourlie page. 



Specify your message, click "SEND"and a new WorkStream is created between you and the Freelancer. 



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