Cancelling a Job

If you no longer want to receive proposals for your Job you have two options: 

  • Pausing your job: this will not allow Sellers to send more proposals to your job.  While your job is paused you can still review and respond to proposals that you have already received.  You can decide to unpause (resume) your job at anytime to receive more proposals.
  • Cancelling your job: this will remove your job from the listings plus all Sellers that have already sent you proposals will be notified that you have cancelled this job. 


To pause or cancel a Job that you have posted simply follow these steps:

1.  Click on "My Buyer Activity" that you will find under your profile.  

2. This will take you to the list of all Jobs that you have posted on PPH.

3. On the right hand side of the Job you would like to pause or cancel hover over the row to reveal a menu box with available actions.   

4. Click on the downward arrow.  Select "Pause" if you would like to temporarily stop receiving proposals or "Cancel" if you would like to permanently cancel your Job listing and notify all Sellers who have sent you proposals already.


Note: you can only pause or cancel a Job in this way while it is still open for proposals.  If you have accepted a proposal on your Job and you wish to cancel the project with your Seller then take a look at the cancellations and refunds help page.







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