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I haven't heard from the Freelancer

At PPH we strongly encourage Clients and Freelancers to work closely together via the WorkStream to ensure that at every step of the way both parties keep communicating well and are happy with how the work is progressing.   Our Rules of Engagement outline what is to be expected when working with Freelancers. All Freelancers on PPH provides regular progress updates via the WorkStream and responds to questions from you, the Buyer, within one (1) working day.  Sometimes there is simply the good reason why a Freelancer has not responded, such as due to illness. Don't worry, your money will remain safe in Escrow until you choose to release it to the Freelancer.   

1.  Get in touch on the WorkStream

If you haven't already, get in touch with your Freelancer by posting a message on the WorkStream and ask why they are not responding and how the work is progressing.    Make it clear to them that you need more regular updates.

2. Cancel the job and find another Freelancer

If they are still not keeping in touch and you aren't happy then you may want to cancel the work with them and find another Freelancer to get the job done.  To cancel let the Freelancer know by posting a message to them in the WorkStream to ask them to stop work.  

3. Request a refund

If the agreed delivery date has passed and you haven't received the work from your Freelancer then you may want to request a refund. Freelancers get penalised on PPH for jobs refunded because they haven't delivered (or haven't been responsive).  


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