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I am having problems with my Freelancer

Sometimes, you may be in a disagreement with your Freelancer. In those case we urge, you try those tips. 

1. Let them know!

If you aren't happy with the progress of your job then post a message to your Freelancer on the WorkStream to let them know honestly what is not working for you so that they have a chance to fix it. Freelancers on PPH care a lot about keeping their Buyers happy, not only so that they get paid but also because they want to get more work from their Buyers (plus their all-important rankings on PPH will be affected by any refunds or cancellations caused by not delivering).

Most problems can be fixed with some simple communication.

2.  Follow our key advice on working successfully with Freelancers

3. If all else fails, cancel the project and find another Freelancer

As a last resort, if communicating with your Freelancer isn't going well and you have given them a chance to get the job back on track then you can cancel the job by posting a message in the WorkStream to let them know so that they stop work.

When you notify the Freelancer you can agree on what payment to make for any work completed and handed over to date. You can then find another Freelancer to get the job finished.


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