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What is Credit Card verification?

Credit Card Verification is a simple process we follow to ensure that the Buyer is the authentic owner of the Credit Card.

Once your card is Verified you can make payment faster and without having to re-enter your card details.

We do this to safeguard against online fraud.

 £1, $1 or €1 is taken from your buyers account. We will then refund this in two random amounts adding up to the original amount taken.

The two separate refunds will be shown in your Credit Card statement within 2-3 working days

By recording the values of these two random amounts on PPH, the buyer verifies that they have access to this information and ownership of the card.

We may ask for extra for extra evidence to ensure that you are the owner of the card used. Examples of documents we may request are drivers licence, passport or utility bill

Note: Credit card verification is not the same as email verification, often done when signing up to for the first time.

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