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I am not happy with the work delivered but you released my money, what can I do?

When you agree to work with freelancers on PPH your money is protected in Escrow until you are happy that the work has been delivered. You confirm payment to the freelancer when you receive their invoice. Equally, if you are not happy with the work delivered you can reject the freelancer's invoice and let them know what needs finishing before you are happy to pay.  

All invoices should be paid within 7 days in accordance with PPH terms and conditions. If you don't take action on a freelancer's invoice within this timeframe then some automatic actions will be taken so that the freelancer does not go unpaid for work delivered, as follows:

1. Invoice Reminders

After the initial email notification of an invoice from your freelancer, you will automatically receive at least one further email reminder (for Hourlies) or multiple email reminders (for larger custom Jobs) to take action on the invoice (pay or reject), if you haven't already.  

2. Automatic release of money in Escrow (and your PPH account)

If after these reminders the invoice remains unpaid, and you have not rejected it, then the money held in the Escrow account up to the invoiced amount will be automatically released to the freelancer as payment.  If there is not sufficient money held in the Escrow account then funds from your PPH wallet to cover any missing amounts will also be released to the freelancer.

For Hourlies, which are express jobs delivered in just a few days, this automatic payment will happen 7 days after the invoice has been raised; for larger custom Jobs Buyers are given a longer grace period of 30 days before money is automatically released as payment.

3. What to do if you are not happy with the work delivered

If you have not acted on the invoice and reminders and find that your money has therefore been released automatically to the freelancer before you are happy with the work delivered then: Get in touch with the freelancer on the WorkStream to let them know what work you feel is outstanding. Most freelancers will happily make further amendments even after they have received payment; they want to keep you happy and hopefully, agree with your follow-on work.  Plus they want to get the all-important good feedback from you.


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