Am I entitled to a refund?

If you aren't happy with the progress of a job then first raise your concerns with your Seller on your WorkStream. Most Sellers on PPH care a lot about delivering a great service to their Buyers not only so that they can get paid and earn great feedback but also because they want to earn follow on work with their happy Buyers. 
The rule of thumb on PPH is that you pay for Job Done; if the job that was agreed (either as part of the proposal acceptance process or as defined in the Hourlie description) has not been delivered within the agreed timescales, then you don't need to pay and you are entitled to receive a refund of any money held in the Escrow account for the job.
A few things to bear in mind:
  • If the Seller has delivered the work that was agreed but you aren't happy with the work based on taste (for example, a logo design isn't quite what you had in mind) then the Seller is entitled to receive payment for the work as long as they have given you at least two further iterations to try and meet your needs (most Sellers will go even further to keep you happy).
  • If the Seller is late in delivering the work because they were held up awaiting instructions, materials or input from you then the Job cannot necessarily be regarded as late. We always encourage Buyers to provide the Seller with everything they need upfront as much as possible and be available to answer questions during the Job to progress things along.  If the timescales look like they are slipping unavoidably due to your own constraints then simply agree revised timescales with your Seller so that they know what they need to aim for.
  • If you have cancelled the job due to a change in your needs and the Seller has spent time working on the job then the Seller is entitled to ask for payment to cover their time; this may include the full deposit sum in Escrow.
See the terms and conditions in full.
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