Paying by Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer is available as a payment method on PPH.  To pay for services using this method follow these steps:


1. On your Payments dashboard select "Deposit funds"

2.  Using the drop down menu select whether you want to Deposit Funds into the Escrow account for a particular job or straight into your PPH Account

3. Enter the amount that you will arrange the transfer for

4. Select the Bank Transfer option

5. On the next screen select the Bank Transfer type that you will be using

6. Enter the bank account name for the bank account where you will arrange for the bank transfer money to come from

7. Arrange with your bank the transfer of the funds to the PPH bank account using the bank account details listed on this screen. Quote the unique reference number displayed on this screen with your transfer request. Make sure that you transfer the exact amount that you specified in step 3. When this has been done, select the checkbox to confirm OR if you need to arrange the bank transfer later in person rather than online, then make a note of all the details on this page so that you can quickly arrange for the transfer. 

8. Select continue to confirm


As soon as you have arranged for the bank transfer from your account, and the funds have been received into the PPH bank account, you will receive a notification that the funds have been moved into either your PPH Account or your Escrow account for the job that you requested the funds to be deposited to.  

Please note that bank transfers can routinely take 3 to 5 working days to be received by PPH from the date that you arranged for the transfer with your bank.


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