Why have I received an automatic refund?

If you receive a notification that your money in the Escrow account for a particular job is being automatically refunded to you, one of two things will have happened:

  • the funds are held as a deposit for a custom Job, and there hasn't been any activity in the WorkStream for a very long period of time (over 60 days) despite reminders to your Seller to post an update in the WorkStream. Because it appears the job has been cancelled or finished you have received a refund.

  • the funds are held after you purchased an Hourlie service, and the deadline for the Seller to deliver the service to you has long since passed (over 30 days).   

 I shouldn't get a refund / I need to pay the Seller!

This automation is in place to prevent your funds being held indefinitely in Escrow accounts for jobs not delivered.  In all cases before any funds are automatically refunded your Seller will first receive notifications from us checking the status of the Job to make sure something hasn't gone astray.  The reminders ask the Seller to take action to confirm if you aren't due for a refund.  

If for some reason you Seller didn't see or take action on these reminders and the job is still in progress they can:

  • raise a new deposit request to you for the funds to be returned to the Escrow account as security, or

  • raise their invoice for payment as normal when the job has been completed.  You will be asked to pay the full amount (and you can re-use the funds refunded into your PPH wallet).  


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