Creating a great profile!

Your profile is like an online CV and is an important resource to assist Buyers in choosing who to work with, so it’s key to make sure you present yourself in the best possible way.

Here’s some of our top tips:

1. Make it personal and friendly.  Buyers want to get a sense of the person who might potentially work for them, this is why it’s useful and more professional to add a photograph of yourself and create your profile in your name rather than a company or nickname.

2. Make it visual. It is strongly advised to include a profile cover which can be a graphical image or photo and is meant to make a visual statement about you so that viewers of your profile can easily grasp who you are and what you do. Inside the image avoid excessive amount of text keeping it to the length of a tagline or just include your first name. You can also include visual representation of your work or part of your actual portfolio if visual. 

3. Make the About You section count. It’s worthwhile noting that only a few lines of your “About You” section is shown immediately on your profile, so try and make this count. This section should contain a brief overview of your academic and achievements and employment history. Double check all information provided and try to ensure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. Don’t forget to ensure your skills are up to date, as the keywords you use for your tags will show up when Buyers searches for your services.

4. Share great examples of your work in the Portfolio.  The portfolio section is key. If a Buyer can view some samples of your previous work they can get a good idea of your capabilities.

5. Boost your visibility.  If you are new to PPH or haven't yet won much work endorsements is a great feature to help boost your profile by getting recommendations from your own network of colleagues and previous clients.  This can help reassure potential Buyers that you are a trusted professional and help you move further up the ranks.

6. Build your reputation.  Once you are up and running on PPH the best way to succeed and boost your profile is by consistently delivering great work for Buyers and receiving glowing feedback. 

7. Keep it up to date.  Make sure you come back regularly to refresh your profile, add in any new skills and keep your portfolio up to date with the best samples of your work.

Tip: promote your profile with the Hire Me Widget
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