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How do I cancel or amend my Proposal?

If you have sent a Proposal to a Buyer that they haven't yet accepted and you want to change some details you will need to cancel your original Proposal and then re-send a new Proposal in the WorkStream.  

To do this:

1. Locate your original Proposal in the WorkStream

2. Select the "Cancel" button on the Proposal itself (if the Proposal has been accepted by the Buyer you will not be able to cancel it, see below)

3. Find the "New Proposal" button at the bottom of the WorkStream and re-submit a new Proposal.

You do not use extra Proposal credits for new Proposals sent in the same WorkStream.

 If your Proposal has already been accepted by your Buyer

If your Buyer has accepted your Proposal already you will not be able to directly change or cancel your Proposal.   Instead:

  • if you have agreed with the Buyer a different scope and/ or price from what was originally outlined in your Proposal then document the changed agreement clearly on the WorkStream and ask your Buyer to confirm, there is no need to re-submit a new Proposal.  

  • if you need more deposit money to be placed in the Escrow Account then you can send a new deposit request to the Buyer.  Find out more.

  • if you are cancelling the Job, then take a look at the help page about Cancellations & Refunds.

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