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Why isn't my Featured Offer appearing at the top of the listings?

Newly Featured Offers will automatically appear in one of the top 3 slots in both the Offers main listings page, and in the top 3 slots in the listings page for the category you have posted in.  

However, these top 3 slots are limited so you won't stay there forever.  As other Freelancers feature their Offers, your Offer will gradually move out of these top 3 slots.

However, wherever your Offer appears in the listings below the top 3 slots it will still clearly be flagged as Featured.  Plus, if your Offer is returned in a user's search results and is one of the three most relevant Featured Offers for that search, it will appear in the top 3 slots in the search results. 

To move your Offer back to the top of the Offers rankings, you can re-feature your Offer at any time.

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