PPH Ambassadors

PPH Ambassadors is a unique program offered to hand-picked top Sellers, enabling them a way to partner with PPH and share the wisdom they've accumulated to help build and improve the PPH community.  In participating in various activities PPH Ambassadors also benefit from building their profile and visibility.


How do I qualify?

PPH Ambassadors are hand selected and invited from amongst the top Sellers.  Successfully winning work and adhering to the quality standard on PPH will increase your chances of being invited to participate.


What does it involve?

PPH Ambassadors get:

  • Admin status in  Community Q&A where the Ambassadors will be able to share their wisdom and help out new users, both Buyers and Sellers.
  • Extra promotional  collateral on PPH, submitting blog posts on topics that promote their services or how to Win on PPH, so long as there are learnings for other users to take away.
  • Priority participation in events that we either run or are involved in like the Business Startup show where we ask some of our Sellers come in and consult customers directly as an extra means of promoting their services. PPH Ambassador take priority in these events for the future.
  • Enhanced status on their profile via an Ambassador’s badge giving extra prominence for Buyers and an extra means of building trust.
  • COMING SOON: revenue share with PPH on sales delivered via a Collection they manage. More details on this soon.  


This is a programme that we intend to build over time with more added benefits. For now it’s a scheme that places our top Sellers at the heart of the community and gets them involved in nurturing and building it out with us.


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