How do I add Add-ons to my Hourlie

Hourlie Add-ons allow Sellers to make more from Hourlies while giving Buyers more choice and flexibility.

As a Seller, you can add Hourlie Add-ons to either new or existing Hourlies. By listing Add-ons, you are committing to deliver any purchased optional add-ons within the extended timeframe for the pre-detemined amount.

To add Add-ons to a new Hourlie, simply fill out the Add-on section of the Hourlie posting form and specify the price, delivery timeframe and details of the feature. Adding an Add-on to your Hourlie is free and you may add up to 10 add-ons for one Hourlie.

Alternatively, you can add Add-ons to an Hourlie by editing your Hourlie:

  • Sign in to PPH

  • Locate your Hourlie page

  • Click edit on the right hand side.

  • Enter details for Add-ons 

Hourlie Add-ons.png

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