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Showcase your work with a great portfolio

The portfolio is a great way for Freelancers to showcase their talents to new Buyers. 

On your PPH profile, you can attach examples of your work as images, pdf files and Microsoft Office files (e.g. .docx, .xlsx).

In addition to uploading files to your portfolio, you can now embed media to your portfolio directly from the following third-party sites:

  • Dribbble (images)

  • YouTube (video)

  • Vimeo (video)

  • Scribd (documents)

  • SlideShare (PowerPoint style presentations)

  • Flickr (photography)

  • Instagram (images)

  • SoundCloud (audio)

  • DailyMotion (video)

The upload documents to your portfolio:

Simply log in to your PPH account, navigate to your profile page and click edit, scroll to the bottom of the page and either drag and drop files or click browse to upload attachments.

To embed media on your portfolio from third-party sites:

Click Embed from 3rd party sites from the edit profile page.

Either paste the URL or embed code from the third party site for the media you wish to embed. Sites such as YouTube provide embed codes, which you may use instead of the URL.

Note: not all pages from supported sites will work. It is only possible to embed media if you are providing a URL for a page with sharable media, such as an image on


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