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Clarification Board Limitation Changes

Clarification Board Limitation Changes

Many customers may be wondering about some recent changes that have taken effect in regards to the clarification board questions that are asked.  We always had the limitation of new freelancers having sent 3 proposals to be able to ask questions. 

This is what has changed:

Now we apply the limit of 3 unanswered questions per month to a user only if: 

  • During the last 60 days, the user has at least 2 reports on clarification questions from unique reporters for which the question has been removed by Customer Service

  • After a user has been placed with this limitation they will remain under it for a period of maximum 60 days and will be removed provided that there has not been any similar issue as stated above.


Any user, regardless if they can or cannot ask questions because of this limitation, can ask questions for projects (private/public) that they are invited to by the buyer.


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