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New Project Matching Feature

Project Matching Feature 

We are introducing a new option of how we will be matching new and existing freelancers with buyers and projects that are posted.

We recognize that for our newer users, it is more difficult to grow your profile and stature on the site or to find work in general. For this reason, we will be matching our newer freelancers that have an approved Member application to certain projects that we deem appropriate based on the needs that the buyer has stated and that a seller has advised they are able to do.

When a new public Project is posted that is not marked as Urgent, the PPH team will identify the basic skills needed for the Project and notify via email a pool of older and newer freelancers that have a profile and past experience in similar work. For the first 2 hours from the project post, only this selected pool of freelancers plus invited freelancers by the Buyer will be able to send Proposals.

After the 2 hours window, all freelancers can bid. If you want to get notified more often please make sure to have your profile skills updated accordingly. 

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