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Is PeoplePerHour a normal recruitment site? How is it different?

No. PeoplePerHour is a marketplace that connects a Buyer to the Freelancer of a service online.  A recruitment site is one that takes an active (and often biased) effort in finding you a project. What PeoplePerHour does is provide you with the tools and the means to promote yourself, engage with Buyers and sell your services directly to them, for as little as an hour all the way to on-going permanent work

The other key difference is that PeoplePerHour offers you the ability to find small projects or projects that a conventional recruiter doesn’t offer.

On PeoplePerHour you can start on a small project for a Buyer that you deliver in a few hours and build on from there. Most of the work is done remotely with little or no physical interaction and often across geographic boundaries

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