New Seller Application Feature

New Site Seller Application Feature 


We have a new way for sellers to join our site which is more user friendly and will help better filter work between buyers and sellers.


Once you join the PPH site, you will be prompted to complete an application process in order to start selling. This process entails 4 steps that require specific information in order for our moderation team to approve the user account and have it go live on the site.


The benefits of making this change and implementing this new system is to make sure that we are approving freelancers who can prove that their work and quality are at a high standard and to eliminate spammers and freelancers who are not certified for the category they select. We hope this will improve the overall site for both buyers and freelancers in providing for a better and more quality website for all our users.


The applications are screened within 3 business days and Sellers that get their application approved can start sending Proposals to Jobs and posting Hourlies. Users whose applications are rejected or not submitted will have “limited” access to all Sellers features.


Important Note: Approved Sellers will have a 3 month period (qualifying period) to make just 2 sales or bill a aggregate of £100, receiving an average feedback of at least 4 in order to retain the full access to Seller features. If this is not achieved within the 3 month qualifying period the account will become “limited” as for the seller features. Again, for quality purposes this is an important step in making sure that the work level provided is to the standards that we expect. Please note that during the qualification period, the qualifying seller will not be able to dispute a refund. This feature will be allowed only upon qualifying on the site. If the seller during the qualifying period receives 2 refunds for reasons that have to do with poor quality, failure to meet  deadlines, etc the Seller features  will be instantly blocked.


The below are screenshots of what a new user will see during this application process.


When you first register to the site as a new Seller, this is the first window that will appear. It directs you to your email in order to verify the account.



This is the email that a new user will receive when they first sign up to the site. Select the Complete application to continue with the sign up process.



After the email verification, you will see the following screen on the PPH site. There are 4 steps that will need to be completed in order for the application to be reviewed.



Step 1: Has tagging options to select the most important skills that you have as a freelancer and a secondary selection for other basic skills. The documents upload is a great chance for sellers to showcase their certifications, courses or any other documents that will allow us to approve their application. Skills are visible in public profiles but not supporting documents.



Step 2: Here we ask for a few personal detail including a Phone number and profile Picture. The profile picture is not optional and you will have to include a photo here. You can also tell us some information about yourself in the about you section. The portfolio option allows you to upload samples of your work for potential buyers to see. All information are visible in public profiles except the user’s phone number.



Step 3: Here we ask for links to websites, Facebook or Linkedin Accounts that also shows us previous work that has been completed by you. It’s another chance to prove us your skills. This is used for the application process and is not visible on public profiles.



Step 4: Is a personalized step in which you can submit a video, voice or text recording. We would love to hear from you to better understand your skills and quality level so that we are able to approve the application and get you matched up with the proper jobs and buyers (video or text is not visible on public profiles). You can then select the “Submit Application” icon which will submit your application.



You will then be directed to this window with a message advising that you application is under review.



You will receive this message in your email inbox once we can approved and processed your account application.


After your approval you will see the following message in the PPH site with a welcome message fom our CEO Xenios. You are now a new member of the PPH family, we wish you lots of success on the site.





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