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We have a new way for freelancers to join our site which is more user-friendly and will help better filter work between buyers and freelancers.

Once you join the PPH site as a Freelancer, you will be prompted to complete an application process in order to start selling. This process entails 5 steps that require specific information in order for our moderation team to approve the user account and have it go live on the site. We hope this will improve the overall site for both buyers and Freelancers in providing for a better and more quality website for all our users.

The applications are screened within 3 business days and Freelancers that get their application approved can start sending Proposals to Jobs and posting Offers. 

  • How to submit my Freelancer Application? 

As soon as you log in as a Freelancer you will have the option to submit your Freelancer Application as shown below. 


 You will have to fulfill all the following information to proceed.

Tell Us About You: Make sure you provide us with a genuine profile picture. Pictures such as illustrated pictures of you, your logo design, cartooned pictures or fake ones will be rejected from our Moderation team. The portfolio option allows you to upload samples of your work for potential buyers to see. Please note that we do not encourage any contact details in the portfolio and hence we request all to remove any contact details from the samples / CV that you may upload. If not your Freelancer Application will be rejected from our Moderation team.

Select your Skills: Using small case characters to add your Skills. Remember: The more you add the better! 

Add References: Here we ask for links to websites, Facebook or Linkedin Accounts that also show us previous work that has been completed by you. It’s another chance to prove to us your skills. 

Set Your On-Site Preferences: While being a Freelancer under PPH you can both work remotely and on-site. Make sure you select the option that suits you better. Adding your postal code is mandatory in order for us to select the best jobs for you.

Personalize Your Application: The more details you can add the better regarding what you can for your Buyers! 

You will then be directed to this window with a message advising that your application is under review.

  • You're Almost there!

You can pay for your application to be Fast Tracked and be approved within 24 hours.


  • Your Application is under Review!

Your application will be reviewed thoroughly and you will be alerted via email within approximately 7 days depending on the volume of applicants.


  • Once your Application has been approved an email will be sent to you!


You are now a new member of the PeoplePerHour family, we wish you lots of success on the site!

If you have any problem with your Freelancer Application kindly contact our customer support team here

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