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Why are attached .docx and .xlsx files downloading as .zip files?

Occasionally some users have trouble downloading .docx, .xlsx, .pptx and other Microsoft Office files that have been attached to a WorkStream. Users may experience an issue where the file is shown attached in the WorkStream as a .docx (Microsoft Word) or .xlsx (Microsoft Excel) file but appears to download as a .zip file that displays XML code or other seemingly meaningless text when opened.

Don't worry! These files are actually still the correct file but for technical reasons, they have been renamed as a .zip file.

  1. You can either simply change the file extension in windows from a .zip too .docx (or as appropriate). Be sure to check that your system is set to show file extensions as these may be hidden if you can't see the .zip or .docx endings on file names.

  2. Alternatively, you open the downloaded file from within MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Load up the application you want to use and select open. Make sure you view 'All Files' and select the downloaded .zip file. It will look like a zip file and will give you a warning to only open trusted file types. Click OK and the file will load up correctly.

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