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Urgent Job Feature

We have deployed a new feature called URGENT JOBS!!


A Buyer can make a Job URGENT after posting it, which gives the opportunity to our best Freelancers with relevant experience to take over the Job directly without sending a Proposal. The Buyer does not need to go through Proposals and portfolios, he gets their job done faster and by someone trustworthy and curated by PPH. 

We hope that this feature takes out any friction of Proposals and communication before a job is awarded. Giving the chance to quality Sellers to get awarded a Job on their own.


How it works: 

- Buyer posts a Job with a fixed price budget set and places an escrow deposit (deposit is placed upon post and the money is there before the Job is awarded)
- Vetted Sellers with relevant experience and track record of delivering quality services on PPH are notified instantly about the Job in order to take it over
- The first eligible Seller who is available and wants to work on the Job, can simply take it over and then start cracking it with just a click. No need to send a proposal. Money is in escrow, budget and requirements are set.
- Urgent Jobs are awarded on a first come first serve basis. As there is no proposal, the first available eligible Seller can take over the Job.




*After you have filled out your Job Posting, you will now be receiving the following screen. You can select the Urgent, Trial or skip option depending on what you would like to continue with.




*After selecting the Urgent Option you will be prompted to pay for the Urgent Job via the regular PPH payment options. This is the deposit for the work you have requested. The deposit works like this: 100% for 40 pounds or less, 50% for more than 40 pounds and less or equal to 100 pounds, 25% for more than 100 pounds. The deposit amount is entered into the buyers PPH Account.




*After Payment has been made you will see the Invitation screen for sellers. From here you can select as many sellers as you want to invite to send you proposals for the specific Urgent Job Posting. 




From the Sellers side, if you are among our curated set of Sellers eligible for Urgent Jobs, you will get an email if a new Urgent Job posted matches your profile and experience. Clicking on the email will direct you to job details page where you can directly claim the job if you agree with the budget and the Job's requirements.Express_Jobs_5.jpg



*When a Seller is Claiming a job, it will open a workstream between seller and buyer with an automatically accepted proposal inside the stream so that the deposit is passed from the wallet of the buyer to the escrow of the stream. This is exactly as the site works with regular jobs that are initiated. 




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