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How do I keep a Buyer happy?

Over 40% of Jobs on PeoplePerHour lead to follow-on work, so other than getting paid on your job and getting the all-important good feedback, you have even more incentive to deliver a great service to your Buyers.

Here are some tips on how to keep your Buyers happy and returning for more:

  1. Make sure that upfront you understand your Buyer's requirements fully.  Ask questions if anything isn't clear. The more questions, the better!

  2. Keep everything recorded in the WorkStream so that you can refer back to points if either of you forgets what was agreed. Contacting a Buyer outside PPH, before the approval of a Proposal, is strictly against our T&C's.

  3. As work progresses, keep your Buyer updated and reassured on your progress by posting regular updates in the WorkStream. There's no such thing as over communication when it comes to keeping Buyers happy. In almost 90% of cases that go astray, they do so because of poor communication and wrong instruction were given. 

  4. If you can, share samples of the work at each stage so that the Buyer can confirm it is what they are looking for; so that you don't find yourself having to do a lot of rework at the end.

  5. Flag any issues quickly to your Buyer so that they can be sorted out before they become a real problem. A Buyer would rather know that there is a 'block' when it happens, not six weeks after the deadline.

  6. If your Buyer raises any concern, address them as quickly as possible and assure them that you are keen to deliver their requirements. Work with them to find a good resolution, not a disagreement.

  7. Deliver on time! If something unexpected happens and you are not able to meet the deadlines you agreed then make sure you flag that to your Buyer as soon as you possibly can. And go out of your way to get the job delivered quickly.

  8. Offer revisions: if at first, they are not happy with some of the deliverables ask your Buyer for detailed feedback so that you can address each point. Make sure to offer your Buyer at least two iterations on the work.

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