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Cancellations & Refunds

You should avoid canceling a project on a Buyer as much as possible.  If you are experiencing an issue with your Buyer that you are finding difficult to resolve then you can contact our customer support team for help.

Notifying your Buyer

If canceling the project is unavoidable then let the Buyer know as quickly as possible by posting a message in the WorkStream explaining why you need to cancel the project. Alternatively, if you need to refund their money held in Escrow, you can select to "Issue a Refund" from the WorkStream as a way to also let them know.

Cancellation from your Buyer

If your Buyer has asked to cancel the project then make sure to ask why and see if there is something you can do to avoid losing the work.  Always stick to the Rules of Engagement to avoid a dissatisfied Buyer.  If you have done all you can to satisfy your Buyer and deliver the project successfully but they would still like to cancel the project then let them know what payment you will need for the work completed to date, for example, you may want to request the deposit funds held in Escrow as payment. You can then raise an invoice for the agreed amount.  If the Buyer does not believe that they should pay your invoice you can raise a Dispute to our customer support to provide assistance.


Take a look at the Cancellation & Refunds policy to check if your Buyer is entitled to a refund.  If your Buyer requests a refund you will need to respond to their request within 3 days otherwise we will make a decision on their request.  

All refunds, whether you have approved a request from your Buyer, or whether you have issued a refund to them directly, are subject to the authorization of our customer support team.


Be aware that refunds caused by your cancellation of a project or by a Buyer's cancellation of the project due to an issue with delivery will adversely affect your rankings on PeoplePerHour.

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