Jobs posting policies

When posting a Job we have just a few policies that Buyers are expected to adhere to.   These policies are designed to make sure that the PPH marketplace works well for everyone.  These policies form part of our terms and conditions.  Jobs that break these policies will be removed and we will always contact you to explain why so that corrections can be made.


Prohibited jobs

All kinds of work can be posted as a Job on PeoplePerHour. There are just a few things that aren’t accepted:

  • Offers of permanent employment, partnerships, franchises or joint ventures.   PPH is a marketplace for freelance services only.
  • Unpaid work / profit or revenue share / commission only / payment in exchange of skills or services.  All Jobs should be paid for, either by an hourly rate or a fixed price.
  • Requests to complete university/ college/ school work.
  • Requests to undertake activity such as post listings on other websites for the purpose of evading those websites account processes or policies.
  • Fraudulent listings, requests for illegal services, spam or listings posted purely for the purpose of promoting another business or website.
  • Requests for artificial social media followers/likes or product/business reviews (or indications judged carefully at our discretion that the Buyer requested indeed artificial deliverables)



  • be specific in the description about what the Job is, what kind of deliverables you are expecting and any deadlines or timescales you may have.  The more specific you are about what you need, the more successful you will be in attracting the best Sellers for the job and getting realistic proposals.
  • indicate a realistic budget for the work to attract good quality Sellers.  If you aren’t sure what might be realistic have a look at similar Jobs. The absolute minimum budget for any job on PPH is £6.



  • ask for samples to be sent in as part of the proposal process.   This is to protect our Sellers from possible exploitation.    To get an idea of their work you can see samples of a Seller’s work in their Portfolio or alternatively purchase one of their Hourlies to try them out at a low cost.
  • include your full name, or contact details anywhere in the Job description or title.  This rule is first and foremost to protect you; we recommend that you don’t publish your contact details visibly on any public site.  
  • direct Sellers to another website for full details of the Job.  All the information that a Seller would need to send you a proposal should be contained within the Job description. 
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