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WorkStream Policies

The WorkStream is where all communication between Buyer and Freelancer is conducted in private. Via the WorkStream, the parties can exchange information including file attachments, send a Proposal or raise an Invoice, make payments, request a refund or raise a Dispute in relation to a Job.

In using the WorkStream we have just a few policies that Buyers and Freelancers are expected to stick to.

These policies are part of our terms and conditions. As such a violation of these policies may lead to actions not limited to warnings and account suspensions. 


  • on acceptance of a Proposal or purchase of an Hourlie, make sure that all direct communication goes via the WorkStream. On PPH you should find all the tools you need in order to be able to work together including the ability to exchange files directly in the WorkStream. However, if it is essential to communicate outside the WorkStream while a Job is in progress then make sure to post any key agreements back on the WorkStream to protect yourself in case of a Dispute.   


  • attempt to exchange your contact details with another Buyer or Freelancer before a Proposal has been accepted or an Hourlie purchased. This includes directing another Buyer or Freelancer to your company website or your profile on another website. Discussing requirements and making an agreement to start a Job should all be made directly on the WorkStream. Don't forget you can easily exchange files in the WorkStream, or if you are a Freelancer and want to share samples of your work, you can point the Buyer to your portfolio in your PPH profile.

  • make any offers or accept any offers to make a payment outside of PPH.  Attempts to pay outside of PPH will lead to sanctions not limited to immediate account suspension.   Please report any attempts by your Freelancer or Buyer to make a payment outside of PPH to our Customer Support team.

  • contact PPH users in order to recruit them for employment or in order to promote your business or a third party website. 

  • post any offensive or abusive content, or anything else that is against our terms of website use. We ask all PPHers to keep it friendly and professional at all times.

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