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Why was my message removed?

We don't like to get in the way of our Buyers and Sellers communicating together to get the Job done.    We just have a few basic policies that apply when exchanging messages in the WorkStream.   The policies include no exchange of contact details before an Hourlie has been purchased or a proposal for a custom Job has been accepted.

PPH is a marketplace for connecting Buyers and Sellers and all work and payment between a Buyer and Seller must be completed through the site.   To make sure that is the case all  messages that include contact details before work has been agreed on PPH, will be removed and you will receive a message in your WorkStream to explain why.

Did you know:

  • You can exchange files directly in the WorkStream, simply use the paper clip icon you will find where you post a new message
  • You can see samples of  a Seller's work in their portfolio on their profile; and most Seller's offer a pre-packaged Hourlie or two where you can even try them out on a small job first.  


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