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Why does my project need editing?

If you have received a notification that the project you have posted needs editing then you should have also received an email to the default email address for your PPH account explaining what needs changing (check your spam folder in case it was sent there).

If you can't find the details then check these things in your project as the most likely causes: 

  • Is there enough information about the project?  To make sure that you attract great proposals it is important that you include enough details about what the project is. See our advice on what to include
  • Have you included your contact details?  We can't accept projects that include your full name, company name or any contact details in the title, description or attachment.   Simply remove these details.
  • Is the indicated budget reasonable? You are in charge of your own budget of course, but to make sure you don't miss out on good proposals we will check with you again if we feel the indicated budget is exceptionally low for the work you are looking for.   Don't worry Freelancers will always submit competitive proposals but you may find the best Freelancers don't apply at all if the budget is seen as too low for the work.
  • Is your project breaking any other projects posting policies?  See the policies here.

How do I get my project posted?

1. Select "Edit"

2. Make changes to your project to meet all of the points above (of if you are sure that everything is already ok then move to the next step)

3. Select "Update project"

Your project will then be rechecked and should be posted live on the site very quickly.

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