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Why does my Offer need editing?

If you have received a notification that your Offer needs editing you should have also received an email to the default email address for your PPH account, explaining why (always check your spam folder).

If you are unsure what needs changing then check that your Offer meets the following points:

  • Is the service you are offering an actual "Offer" service?  Offers are pre-packaged and fixed price (not hour) services that can be delivered within a few days (a maximum of 5 days from receiving instructions). Find out more.

  • Is it clear what Buyers will receive if they buy your Offer? Make sure that your description isn't vague about the service and the specific number and type of deliverables they will receive.  Always be explicit about what is not included too, where necessary.

  • Does your Offer include your name, contact details or website?  If so then remove these details.

  • Does your Offer meet the posting policies?  See the list here. If your Offer is about Social Media likes or views, unfortunately, it will be rejected from our Moderation team. 

How do I get my Offer posted?

1. Select "Edit"

2. Make the changes to your Offer so that it meets all of the above points.

3. Select "Update Offer"

Your Offer will then be rechecked and hopefully posted on the site very quickly.

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