Hourlies posting policies

Hourlies are offers of fixed price services by Sellers.  They are the perfect way to showcase the services a Seller can offer in “bitesize” form to attract new Buyers.

When posting an Hourlie we just have a few policies that Sellers are expected to adhere.  These policies are designed to make sure that the marketplace works well for everyone.  Hourlies that break these policies will be removed and we will always contact the Seller to explain why so that corrections can be made.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: There have recently been delays in likes processing from sites like Facebook which may result in delays of when these will show on the site. However, these delays must be properly explained and advised by the freelancer and acknowledged by the buyer before work is to initiate as to avoid disputes issues. 


Prohibited services
All kinds of services can be offered on PPH and therefore offered in an Hourlie. There are just a few things that can't be offered:

  • Supplying artificial social media followers/likes or product/business reviews (or indications judged carefully at our discretion that the Seller included indeed artificial deliverables)
  • Fraudulent listings or offers of any illegal services
  • Spam or listings posted purely for the purpose of promoting another business, website or third party service.



  • be as specific as you can be about the service you are offering and exactly what the Buyer will receive if they purchase your Hourlie so that there are no surprises.  Also clearly state what is not included.  
  • if you can offer different services then post separate Hourlies, one for each different service you can provide. Because each Hourlie advertises a different kind of service please use different images for each one of your Hourlies. 
  • keep it bitesize.  Hourlies should be services that can be delivered within a finite amount of time and in no more than 5 days once requirements are received from the Buyer in the WorkStream.  
  • attach great quality images or even video that are relevant to the service that you are offering.  Very poor quality, offensive or completely irrelevant images will not help you sell your services and may lead to your Hourlie being paused or even removed.
  • set a realistic delivery timeframe that you know you can meet. Late delivery will lead to unhappy Buyers and will affect your rankings.   



  • set a price that is price per hour or per item.  Hourlies are fixed price services.  The price should be the total amount that the Buyer will pay for delivery of the service specified (inclusive of any VAT).   You can offer a package that is time based if it is clear to the Buyer that is what they are paying for, it makes sense for the nature of the service to make it time based rather than outcome based and the Buyer will get a useful service if they purchase just the one Hourlie for example "I can be your Virtual Assistant for 2 hours".
  • include your full name, company name or contact details anywhere in the Hourlie description or title.  This rule is first and foremost to protect you; we recommend that you don’t publish your contact details visibly on any public site.  
  • direct Buyers to another website for full details of the service being offered.  All the information that a Buyer would need to know before purchasing your Hourlie should be in the description.
  • post more than one Hourlie for the same service that you offer, even if it is a slight variation or a change in the unit of service offered (for example, I can write a 500 word article in 3 hours; I can write three 500 word articles in 9 hours).  Buyers can buy multiple quantities of your Hourlie. Only post Hourlies for each unique service that you offer.  Duplicate listings will get removed.
  • upload any content that breaches our terms and conditions including all the obvious things like abusive, offensive, defamatory or infringing content.
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