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How do I know that I will get paid?

PeoplePerHour provides you with several important tools to keep you protected and ensure you get paid. We advise you use them wisely.


First, we have an Escrow facility that allows you to request the funds be put in place before you start working. We advise that, for small jobs or where you have no record working with the Buyer you request either all the funds be put in Escrow or agree to milestones, which have been pre-fund to Escrow (as a deposit) before you start work on each milestone.

Please note: you do not need to raise an Invoice for each milestone. All you need is to ensure that the funds are in place by requesting a deposit. It is usually best you complete the Job and Invoice for the whole lot in one go in the end.


Second: PeoplePerHour operates an online reputation system based on feedback reviews from other users.  We advise you look at the Buyer’s profile when deciding if to work with them and how much to request in deposit. We always advise that it’s best to err on the safe side in the beginning by ensuring that you only work to the amount held in Escrow.


PPH encourage our Sellers and Buyers to try and resolve any disagreements between themselves. However should that not be possible PPH Customer Services can provide Dispute resolution.

Please note: we strongly encourage users to include all agreements and communication on the WorkStream. In the event of having to make a resolution decision, PPH will use only the communication in the WorkStream as sole evidence. Please see our T&Cs for full details.

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