How do I raise a Dispute?

We encourage Sellers and Buyers to work together to try and resolve any disagreements.  In most cases issues can be easily resolved with some good communication on the WorkStream.   In the rare cases that the Buyer and Seller can't agree PPH Customer Support are here to help you out.

But first we recommend that you take a look at our Rules of Engagement which are part of the terms and conditions for Job Delivery to make sure that you are acting in keeping with the T&Cs on PPH, and you know what is expected of your Buyer or Seller too.  If you are doing all that you should be doing and you still can't resolve the issue with your Buyer or Seller then here is how you can get help:


1. Raise a Dispute

If the Dispute is over payment of an invoice the Buyer can reject an invoice and explain to the Seller why they believe the payment should not be made.  The Seller can then decide whether they agree with the Buyer and will for example, finish the work correctly before raising a new invoice.  If the Seller still believes they should be paid for work delivered then they can raise a Dispute to PPH Customer Support by selecting "Raise a Dispute" from the notification that they will have received in their WorkStream.  See our guide to Disputes.


2. Ask for Help/ Advice

If you have had a disagreement with your Buyer or Seller without an invoice being rejected and need some help or advice simply contact PPH Customer Support so that we can help you out.

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