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I've lost a Dispute with my Buyer, what should I do now?

After a Dispute decision has been made, the PPH Customer Support will leave a message within the WorkStream to let you know the outcome and why that resolution decision was made. Please note that the resolution decision is final.

Resolution decisions are made very carefully; using all the evidence available in the WorkStream, PPH Customer Support look to identify a fair decision based on the status of the project. More information on how PPH Customer Support resolve disputes can be found here. If you have any further questions on the resolution decision then get in touch with Customer Support

If you have lost a Dispute with your Buyer that means that PPH Customer Support feels that the Buyer should not have to pay because they did not receive "Job done" in keeping with the PPH terms and conditions. The Buyer will receive a refund of any money held in Escrow.

To avoid facing a Dispute with a Buyer again, make sure to stick to the Rules of Engagement.

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