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What happens after a Dispute has been raised?

Disputes come through to a specialist mediation team in PPH Customer Support.   They take a careful look at the reason for the Dispute and crucially what has happened between the Seller and Buyer in the WorkStream.  


The next steps then depend on the value of the disputed (invoice) amount:

1) If the disputed amount is for £100 or more, PPH Customer Support will contact both parties to discuss with them possible options to resolve the dispute, and try and facilitate an agreed outcome.  If after 7 days (from the date the Dispute was raised) the parties haven't reached an agreement PPH will make a resolution decision and email the outcome of this decision to both parties.  


2) If the disputed amount is less than £100, PPH Customer Support will directly take a decision on the Dispute on the basis of the information provided about the Dispute and the information in the WorkStream.  Both parties will receive an email notifying them of the outcome. 


Find out how PPH Customer Support make a decision on Disputes

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