How do PPH decide on a Dispute?

When a Dispute has been received PPH Customer Support may need to make a resolution decision on behalf of the parties (see here for details).

When making this decision the specialist mediation team in PPH Customer Support carefully review all of the information in the WorkStream and consider the following points (in keeping with the Dispute policy):


1. Has the Job been delivered?

On PPH the guiding rule is payment for Job done so if there is a disagreement over payment we look for whether the job has been delivered in accordance with the PPH terms and conditions.   This includes, the Job being delivered within agreed delivery dates and the Seller offering (and being given the chance to offer) at least two iterations on the deliverables in line with Buyer's feedback if they are not 100% satisfied first time.


2. If the Dispute is over the quality of the work delivered, does it meet the minimum Quality standard?

As per the  PPH terms and conditions delivered work must be:

  • error free;
  • fully address each of the requirements defined by the Buyer in the WorkStream;
  • be of a standard consistent with the level of expertise indicated by the Seller in their profile and Hourlie or proposal for custom Jobs;
  • be a complete set of deliverables as defined in the Hourlie description or as agreed in the WorkStream.
The resolution decision will not include a judgement on perceived taste of the delivered work (for example, the style of a logo design) .  The perceived quality of creative services such as logo design and writing can be very subjective.  Provided the terms and conditions for Job delivery have been met including the Seller making at least two further revisions on the deliverables in response to feedback, Buyers will be asked to pay for the Job done.

The resolution decision will also not include a technical or specialist assessment of the work produced.  

3. If the Dispute is due to a cancellation by the Buyer, what is a fair payment for work completed?

If the Buyer has decided to cancel the job for reasons other than the job not being done (for example a change in circumstances or business need), then as per the cancellation and refund policy, it is expected that the Buyer and Seller come to some agreement on payment for the work completed by the Seller to date.   If that hasn't happened and we receive a Dispute, we will consider whether the amount that the Seller is asking for as payment appears to be reasonable.  As per the cancellation and refund policy, a Seller is entitled to request at least the deposit amount as payment for a Job cancelled by the Buyer.

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