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My Buyer hasn't paid and I wasn't covered by Escrow, what can I do?

The majority of Buyers on PPH are serious about their jobs and paying promptly for the work delivered.

However, if you have completed a job, raised your invoice and you haven't received payment from your Buyer within 7 days PPH will chase this payment for you including automatically releasing money held in Escrow and if necessary suspending the Buyer's account until they pay any missing sums.  For more information on this process and how it works take a look here.

Unfortunately, if there is insufficient money held in the Escrow account there are no guarantees that PPH will be able to recover the full payment for you, although we will do our very best.

Top tips to avoid payment issues

  • The Escrow feature is there to protect you so if you are working with a Buyer, particularly a new Buyer, then it is worth asking for a good deposit amount to be paid into Escrow so that you can have the confidence as you start work.  

  • If the job is a large piece of work that will likely run across many weeks or even months then you can suggest to your Buyer that you arrange for milestone payments tied to milestone deliverables, rather than one big payment at the end of the project.   Or at the very least arrange for milestone amounts to be paid into the Escrow account before you start each new phase.  However, always remember, never request payment of money out of Escrow before work has been delivered.  

  • When the job is in progress, communicate regularly with your Buyer to make sure they are happy with the progress. 

  • Once you have delivered the work, then make sure to give your Buyer the chance to feedback on the deliverables and ask for amendments so that they are 100% satisfied, before you raise your invoice.   Remember to allow your Buyer at least two iterations on the work delivered.


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