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I am not happy with the feedback I have received, what can I do?

The feedback system on PPH is to enable Buyers and Freelancers the chance to leave honest feedback about their experience.  The feedback rating and comments given is an individual's personal opinion and therefore it may be quite subjective and you may not always agree with it.

If you are not happy with the feedback:

  • Respond to the feedback comments to explain your side if you feel any points are unfair or one-sided.  But take care to not "mud sling", it won't necessarily put you in a good light for others reading the comments.  Just present a response to the key points raised in a reasonable way.

  • Take the points on board, and learn from it for the next project you work on to avoid the same problems again.  The more successfully you deliver further projects, the less impact one bad rating will have on your rankings.

  • If the feedback has been left dishonestly/ out of spite or is in breach of PPH terms and conditions in any other way then report it to PPH Customer Support. If we agree with you, we will remove the contentious comments however the rating will remain.

How Do I Remove Negative Feedback From My Profile?

You cannot remove negative feedback by yourself either by contacting our customer support. A feedback will not be changed.

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