Why have I automatically received some negative feedback?

Buyers come to PPH because they can be assured that they will get their job done quickly and reliably. Sellers who consistently deliver their services to happy Buyers will gain strong positive feedback ratings, which will also rank them higher in search results for more visibility.   

Equally, to protect the marketplace, Sellers that let down their Buyers will experience an adverse impact on their feedback rating.


How does it work?

If a Buyer receives a refund because of an issue with the Seller's delivery of a job such as poor quality of work or late delivery, or because the Seller cancelled the job; the Seller will automatically receive a 1-star feedback score.

This will, in turn, affect their overall feedback rating (which is the % of positive reviews over total reviews).   In this way, the feedback ratings are a reflection of the reliability of the Seller. For example, it is not possible for a Seller who has agreed 10 jobs with Buyers, and fails to deliver on 8 of them, to have a high overall feedback rating because of the good feedback for the 2 jobs they successfully delivered.


Can I get this rating removed?

Only if the refund was given through no fault of your own, and that is clear on the WorkStream, then contact PPH Customer Support to take a look. These cases shouldn't have resulted in you receiving an automatic 1-star rating, so we will see if something went wrong.
Otherwise, unfortunately not. We know that no-one likes to receive a bad rating, however, these ratings are applied equally to all users on PPH regardless of their status, so it is a completely level playing field. But of course, you can minimise the impact of this rating by making sure that you return to successfully delivering jobs for your Buyers and therefore, gaining more positive feedback reviews.

How can I avoid negative feedback ratings?

As a Seller, to make sure you build a strong overall feedback rating and avoid negative ratings:

  • consistently deliver a great service to your Buyers, and deliver on time. Take a look at our advice to find out how.  
  • if you offer an Hourlie service, remember to always pause your Hourlies when you are too busy to deliver new orders or unavailable for periods of time.


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