Requesting Escrow Deposit

Before starting any work on PPH for a particular Buyer, we always encourage Sellers to ensure that there are funds in the Escrow account. Buyers are automatically asked to pay funds into Escrow when they purchase your Hourlie (the amount deposited is the full price of the Hourlie) and when they accept your Proposal for custom Jobs (the amount of deposit that you specify in your Proposal).    

Additionally, if you have already invoiced the Buyer for some completed work, and they released the original funds from the Escrow account, before you start any further work, you may want to ask the Buyer to pay another deposit into the Escrow account. 


How to Request Deposit

1.  In the WorkStream with your Buyer select "Request Deposit" from the available actions in the bottom right-hand corner

2. Enter the deposit amount requested

3. Select Send


Your Buyer will receive your request to pay the amount into the Escrow account.



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