Personalised URLs

To make it easy to share your PeoplePerHour profile with new and existing clients, we have introduced personalised URLs. All users can pick a short, easy to remember web address that redirects straight to their PPH profile page.

Personalised URLs are of the form and your custom name can be up to 17 characters long.

To claim your personalised URL:


1. Simply log in to your PPH account, select settings from the drop-down menu in the top right of the page or go directly to (you will be prompted to log in first if you aren't already logged on).




2. Click Edit next to Personal URL on the General section of the settings page.




3. Click on the box that appears and type in your desired personal URL ending into the box. You cannot change the part of the address. Click Save.




4.  If your desired short URL is already in use by another user you will see the message "This url is already taken. Please choose another one". Simply enter in another name until you find one that is available.

You can only have one personal URL assigned to your profile. You can check your personal URL at any time by viewing your account settings as above.   You can also change your personal URL at any time if you would like a new one by following the steps above but be aware that when you do change it your previous URL will no longer route to your profile page and will become available to other users to create as their own URL.

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