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PPH profile visible in Search Engines

When you create a profile on PeoplePerHour, the publicly viewable information is not only available for users on PPH to see but as a public page, it is also available for search engines such as Google to index and show in their search results.

This means that if someone searches for your full name in a search engine your People Per Hour profile will be returned alongside any other public profiles you may have on other sites including social media.

This makes it easier for Freelancers to get noticed by clients and helps you win more work!

1) Hiding your Profile from search engines

If, for whatever reason, you don't want your profile searchable by, and showing, your full name in Google or other search engines, you can change this using the privacy section of your PPH Settings when logged in.  See the screenshot example below. 

This will prevent your profile page with your full name from being available for search engines to index.     Please note that it may take anything from just a few hours up to several weeks for the search engine to recognize this change and update their search results, and unfortunately, we do not have any control over that.


2) Deactivated accounts

If you have chosen to close your account on PeoplePerHour then your profile information is not available for Google nor other search engines to index as soon as your account is deactivated. Please have a look at how to Deactivate My Account. Please note that it can take time (we believe it is anything from hours or days to even weeks) for Google and other search engines to re-check websites for changes (known as re-crawling) and update their indexing and this is entirely out of our control. However, even if the search engine has not yet removed your profile from their search results, you will find that their link to your profile page does not work, because it is no longer available on our site.


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