What is Community Q&A?

Community Q&A is for PPHers to get help from fellow members of the PPH community to typical questions about freelancing and using PPH to win work or find services. Expert PPHers known as "PPH Ambassadors" are particularly active in answering questions in the Community Q&A forums sharing their wisdom and experience.

It is a fast way to tap into the knowledge and experience of the thousands of professionals using PPH.


How it works

  • If you have a question related to freelancing or using PPH that you can't find in our Help guides then search Community Q&A using the search box provided
  • If no-one else has asked the same question then simply post your question
  • Soon you will get answers posted by fellow PPHers!


NOTE: this forum is for and run by the PPH community.   If you can't find the answer you need by either posting a question here or by checking out the comprehensive Help guides, then get in touch directly with PPH Customer Support, we'd be more than happy to help you out.

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