Community Q&A Rules

There are just a handful of rules to make sure that Community Q&A is a useful tool for PPHers to share their knowledge and get help from the wisdom of the community: 

  • Keep it friendly and professional. Any posts not in this spirit will get removed.
  • Only post questions or answers to questions. Posts that are general chat topics and therefore get in the way of PPhers finding quick help will be removed.
  • Avoid self-promotion; use the main site and your profile for that!
  • Content posted in Community Q&A is public so don't post any confidential information such as your own personal data, account details etc nor confidential information about others.  If you need help from PPH Customer Support about a specific account issue or transaction then use the Contact Us tab in the top menu.
  • Comments about other PPHers that could be considered as defamatory or just generally negative will be removed at the discretion of PPH moderators.

Any posts that either breach these rules or the spirit of Community Q&A will be removed at our discretion.

Feel free to Contact Us if you come across posts that you feel need looking at.

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